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Great for elevating your cocktails, mocktails, lemonades, teas, & more! 8 oz. bottles available now for Houston purchase online and at LFM – Local Foods Market, Rice Village

Pretty In Pink

Stunning bright pink hibiscus makes everything more fun! Suggested cocktails: Margaritas, Palomas, anything with tequila or mezcal. Also good with lemonade, soda, or tea!

Calm Bomb

Soothing & sweet, this syrup lends a familiar tea flavor to any cocktail! Excellent with Whiskey, Gin, Vodka, or Pisco. Also a nice twist on an Arnold Palmer with lemonade.

Raspberry Basil

Featured in the Raspberry Basil Daisy at Local Foods, this pink syrup is delicious in vodka, gin cocktails or raspberry margaritas! Makes a mean mocktail with some lemonade & Topo Chico!

Pistachio Orgeat

Complex & nutty, you can use this in lieu of regular orgeat anytime, especially to avoid almond allergies! The unique flavor blends well with everything. Suggested cocktails: Mai Tai, anything TIKI, rum, or mint juleps. Also amazing in hot chocolate, soda, tea, or over ice cream!

Strawberry Rhubarb

Fruity, tart, & hot pink, this adds interest to any clear spirit! Brilliant in Margaritas, Vodka or Gin Sours, Gin & Tonics, Daiquiris, lemonades, & sodas.


Bright green, it will make any cocktail more earthy & interesting! A natural partner to botanical gin cocktails: gimlets, gin & tonics, sours… Also great with blanco tequila, vodka, or in mojitos!

Apple Cinnamon

Seasonal & versatile! Homey spice that can be used to make drinks into dessert or used sparingly to suggest a hint of flavor! Suggested cocktails: Old Fashioneds, Appletinis, anything with bourbon, rum, tequila or vodka. Also good with lemonade, soda, or tea!

Vanilla Bean

Who doesn’t love the flavor of Vanilla Bean? This sweet syrup adds flavor to anything! Suggested cocktails: bourbon, rum, vodka. Also great in coffee or over desserts!

Honey Lavender

This seasonal syrup is floral, herby, and sweet. Suggested cocktails: Bees Knees, Brown Derby, Gin & Tonic, tea cocktails. Also perfect for lemonades, teas, and for cooking!


This syrup combines the tartness of lemon with the brightness of mint! Suggested cocktails: Mojitos, Caipirinhas, or Lychee Martinis. Also good with lemonade, soda, or tea!

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